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RentShare is the easiest way for landlords and property managers to accept credit cards and collect rent online.

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Who uses RentShare?

RentShare is used by large property management companies all the way down to small landlords with just a single renter. RentShare works with your current system for rent collection, whether you’re managing rent for 10,000 units or just one.

” Rentshare has the best customer service I have experience in a long time. Thank you!”

Stepheni Norton - 10 units

” I highly, recommend RentShare to anyone in search of simplifying resident payments of all kinds. Their prompt and kind responses to my needs continues to reassure me in my day-to-day business. ”

Cristy Michaels, MCM Property Management - 30+ units

” Amazing!”

Annie Santiago - 1 unit

” This is way too freaking cool!”

Christine Lotkowski, The McKee Group - 2000+ units

” We are very excited to be offering this option to our residents and we have already received a lot of positive feedback.”

Kelsey Garrett, Prime Management LLC - 100+ Commercial units

” It's our goal to give our residents the best possible service, and we believe rentshare will be a part of that. Thank you! I really appreciate all your help and attention.”

Micah Cohen - 7 Units

Residents pay how they want

For most residents, rent is the only check they still write. RentShare gives renters and roommates a modern way to pay rent that's designed with their needs in mind.

  • Online
  • Mobile App
  • Automatic Payments and Reminders
  • With any credit card or bank account
  • With roommates
Pay rent illustration

Unlimited Bank AccountsReduce trips to the bank
with automatic deposits!
Bank and check illustration
Payments for different
investor groups and holding companies
can each go into separate accounts

Deposits how you want

Be a hero to accounting, simplify your reconciliation with smarter settlements.

No matter what payment option your members choose (credit, debit, ach), you will receive a single deposit daily with a combined settlement detail report, along with an automatically emailed receipt. No confusion. No hassle. Simple.

Fee Freedom

Our fully dynamic fee architecture lets you decide what processing fees you pay or pass on.

  • Pass all fees to your residents
  • Cover part of the fees
  • Cover all fees
  •'s your choice

You Pay

$0 per bank account

$0 per credit/debit
card payment


$1.95 per bank account

$0 per credit/debit
card payment

Residents Pay

$1.95 per bank account

2.99% per credit/debit
card payment


$0 per bank account

2.99% per credit/debit
card payment

Invite residents in seconds

Getting set up with Rentshare is easy. We’re here to help your residents get started, and we’ve also created a set of tools to invite all your residents in seconds:

  • Email
  • Text Message
  • Flyer
  • Embeddable Button
Text Message Invitation

Detailed records at your fingertips

RentShare’s intuitive dashboard allows landlords to search real-time and historical reports on any mobile device or desktop.

  • See who has paid how much and when
  • See monthly breakdowns by unit, building, and invoice
  • Reconcile your bank activities to see who has paid
Pay Individually or with roommates

integration filetypes

Simple integrations

Quickbooks integration and Excel exports are available out of the box. Plus, we can integrate with most major property management and accounting solutions by request.

  • Export .csv and .xls files
  • Integrate seamlessly with Quickbooks
  • Need another integration? Contact Us!

Invoicing made easy

Bill residents for more than just rent. Easily create new invoices or add line items to existing invoices, including security deposits, pet fees, and utilities.

  • Create one-time or recurring invoices
  • Notify residents of changes automatically
  • Track if an invoice has been paid or not
RentShare Invoice

RentShare Late fees

Automated late fees

Collecting late payments and holding residents accountable is no fun for anyone. But it is important. While we can’t stop residents from ever paying late, we can make what happens next is as painless as possible.

  • Set the amount you want to charge - percentage or dollar amount
  • Adjust the cut off date
  • Fee is automatically added to overdue invoices

Notifications Every Step of the Way

Let us take care of the reminders and making sure your residents pay on time. We send automated notifications before, at the time and after the rent is due.

The best part? Our notifications keep you informed every step of the way, too.

Notifications Image

Boutique Service Mentality

Starting out as a bootstrapped small business, we built our base by providing amazing, individualized support to each of our customers. Though we have now grown into a national organization with thousands of customers, small and large, we remain committed to delivering that same level of personalized support to all our clients.

Enterprise Stability

Together with our parent company, i3 Verticals, we process over $15 billion annually and provide bank level security that is second to none. i3 Verticals, LLC is a profitable, stable, and fully PCI compliant ISO of Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo among others. RentShare and our partners take privacy and security very seriously. Any sensitive information is encrypted a level above industry standard and is only accessible to you the customer. Learn more about our bank level security.

Safe illustration

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I start accepting credit cards?

It just takes a few minutes to create an account and notify your residents they can pay their rent with a credit card.

Can I assign a late fee?

Absolutely! You can even have late fees automatically added to monthly invoices.

Can I collect other payments, like credit checks or parking spot fees?

Yes, you can add both one-off and recurring items on a unit-by-unit basis.

Can I only accept payments that are for the full rent amount?

Yes, even with roommates! We can wait until the entire amount due is paid, or send you money as payments are made.

Reason #71

It’s the only check you still write.

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